Monday, February 28, 2011

Madi Gras!

A few weeks ago my mom`s friend made the most awesome Madi Gras cake!! It was delicious. My friends Carla & Eboni above. Love them. ♥ & if you find the baby hidden inside of the cake then you`ll have good luck that year. I didn`t get the baby surprise surprise!!


  1. mm im hungry now! :p
    great blog :)

  2. wow!!!!
    its cake????
    sugoi iro shiteru!!!!
    i want to eat :)

  3. Well if yu didn't decide to put the ugliest picture of me on What happened to all the other pictures??? That cake was awEsome though. ;0)

  4. That post wasn't posted by Chelsea ... It was posted by the one and only Eboni !!! Lol