Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Very Potter Christmas

If anyone knows me they know that Harry Potter is a HUGE part of my life. On Christmas Day I didn't have much to do so I spent a lot of time on Pottermore trying to keep the winning streak going for my fellow Hufflepuff' house members. We are still in the lead! I also watched Prisoner of Azkaban, listened to my Jingle Spells Volume 3 cd which annoyed the crap out of my Mom haha, and indulged in one of my favorite treats, the Cadbury Fruit & Nut chocolate bar. If you're on Pottermore feel free to add me as a friend, my username is: SnidgetHallow8830 Hope everyone had a more eventful Christmas then I did :-P

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lotte World Theme Park

In the evening after adventuring in Myeong-Dong, my mother & I went to the Lotte World theme park which was right by our hotel. Unfortunately I forgot to bring motion sickness pills on this trip so it wasn't as enjoyable as I would have liked but for the most part it was fun. It's rare that my mom will go on rides with me so that was something special. We also went on this really sketchy ride called the Gyro Drop. I've been on a roller coasters since the moment I was tall enough to ride them so I've never been afraid off them or any other type of ride, however this one scared the crap out of me because at the top it started making a really crazy shaking noise. On top of that there wasn't even a belt, there was just this shield that clipped into the seat. It only dropped once too so it felt like I was going to go crashing into the ground. It was definitely an experience! All in all it was really great bonding experience for my mom & I. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


 The view from our hotel room was lovely and the breakfast at the Lotte Hotel World was a great start to another day of adventuring. The kimchi was awesome but extremely spicy. I wish Japanese kimchi was made spicy like the legit kind! My mouth was on fiyahhh! After breakfast my mother & I ventured around Myeong-Dong and encountered some really sweet & funny Korean dudes. They made our trip really entertaining & were also very helpful when we were looking for certain things. When we got tired we rested at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, my favorite doughnut chain! The island I'm from in Hawaii doesn't have one & Okinawa doesn't have one either so I just HAD to stop there even though I would have never expected to be eating Krispy Kremes in Korea. :-P

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seoul Train

This past weekend my mother & I went to Seoul, Korea for her birthday. From the airport, which by the way has an ice skating rink in it, we took the train to our hotel. We got lost along the way but thanks to a few kind strangers we made it to our hotel... three hours later...longer then our plane ride from Okinawa. Needless to say it was an adventure! 
Once we arrived at our hotel, Lotte Hotel World, we went to the Club Lounge to relax after our long day of traveling. We drank red wine and tried the different variety of snacks they had to offer. After too many glasses of wine we ventured around different shops near the train station & called it a night. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lil Jon in Okinawa

In September the rapper Lil Jon came to Okinawa so I went to his show with a new friend. Surprisingly he sang a lot of songs I knew. We also made it to the very front & ended up getting tons of champagne showers & even got to take a tequila shot poured by Lil Jon as well during the "Shots" song. I also caught one of the Lil Jon masks being thrown to the fans. It was like being in a rap music video I loved it. It was also nice having someone new to see since not a lot of artists come to Okinawa.