Saturday, December 22, 2012


 The view from our hotel room was lovely and the breakfast at the Lotte Hotel World was a great start to another day of adventuring. The kimchi was awesome but extremely spicy. I wish Japanese kimchi was made spicy like the legit kind! My mouth was on fiyahhh! After breakfast my mother & I ventured around Myeong-Dong and encountered some really sweet & funny Korean dudes. They made our trip really entertaining & were also very helpful when we were looking for certain things. When we got tired we rested at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, my favorite doughnut chain! The island I'm from in Hawaii doesn't have one & Okinawa doesn't have one either so I just HAD to stop there even though I would have never expected to be eating Krispy Kremes in Korea. :-P


  1. nice pics^^ I'm really jealous ! Haha, I always wanted to visit Korea^^ So, maybe in future? I hope!;)But first will be Japan! Of course^^

  2. Korea was pretty cool, I'd like to go there again!
    But Japan is definitely awesome ^.^