Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Very Potter Christmas

If anyone knows me they know that Harry Potter is a HUGE part of my life. On Christmas Day I didn't have much to do so I spent a lot of time on Pottermore trying to keep the winning streak going for my fellow Hufflepuff' house members. We are still in the lead! I also watched Prisoner of Azkaban, listened to my Jingle Spells Volume 3 cd which annoyed the crap out of my Mom haha, and indulged in one of my favorite treats, the Cadbury Fruit & Nut chocolate bar. If you're on Pottermore feel free to add me as a friend, my username is: SnidgetHallow8830 Hope everyone had a more eventful Christmas then I did :-P


  1. Harry <3 I like this so much^^ movies and books!

    Chelsea, why I can't find you at facebook :(?

  2. ^.^

    no worries i am back on fb i deactivated for a lil bit