Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soba by the Sea

Went to eat at Soba by the Sea with my mom this afternoon. It`s a cute little soba place right by the seawall. It`s a cute little place & you can sit by the window where there is an ocean view. We both ate Okinawa soba which is one of my favorite foods ever. They make the soba all natural there & it was delicious. These chopsticks are the kind used everywhere in Japan but they remind me of my childhood because we had used to have them at home when I was little. Also there was a cute little Shisa outside by the enterance... it looked more like a cat then a lion. :P

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buscuit Bear

Here`s my new Hello Kitty Buscuit Bear pillow that I mentioned in my last post!! I`m obsessed!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bear Chans

I had a girl`s day with my good friend Erina & her big sister Nagisa the other day. We went to eat some Pizza Hut which I`m an extreme enthusiast of ;) We got the meat lovers with stuffed crust mmm mmm mmm!!!! Then we went to Naha. We`re all Sanrio junkies so we decided to go to the "Main Place" department store which usually has the best selection of Hello Kitty goods. Heeh. I got the cutest Buscuit Bear Hello Kitty pillow which I will post later. It was the last one... I love it!!! We also took purikura pictures as you can see... but the machine moved so fast I didn`t get to send the good ones to my e-mail so all I got was is this one :p All the machines made our eyes look really huge & creepy anyway though haha.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Valentine`s Day

It`s a bit late but I thought I`d post. I`ve been hooked on an anime called One Piece for a while. It`s about pirates & my favorite pirate is a raindeer who ate a devil`s fruit that gave him the ability to think & speak like a human being. He is the doctor of the pirate crew. Anyway on Valentine`s Day my mom gave me this chocolate! It was so cute & delicious!