Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bear Chans

I had a girl`s day with my good friend Erina & her big sister Nagisa the other day. We went to eat some Pizza Hut which I`m an extreme enthusiast of ;) We got the meat lovers with stuffed crust mmm mmm mmm!!!! Then we went to Naha. We`re all Sanrio junkies so we decided to go to the "Main Place" department store which usually has the best selection of Hello Kitty goods. Heeh. I got the cutest Buscuit Bear Hello Kitty pillow which I will post later. It was the last one... I love it!!! We also took purikura pictures as you can see... but the machine moved so fast I didn`t get to send the good ones to my e-mail so all I got was is this one :p All the machines made our eyes look really huge & creepy anyway though haha.


  1. so cute here.:) hang out with or bff is the best thing ever!!! :)btw, pls follow me back yea.:D

  2. hi! i live in japan too
    nice blog girl!

  3. i'm living in mie-ken!
    i'll be always visiting your blog ^^!

  4. The photobooths in Japan look so cool! ^_^ I wish we had them here in the UK. I'd love to go to a Sanrio store, too! <3