Sunday, May 29, 2011

Choco Chihauhau

Hello all! One of my dogs Shawn-chi, who recently turned four years old, got to stick his face in the chocolate pudding for a sweet treat. We laughed so hard that he made this annoyed face & wouldn`t look into the camera. My other dog Steve-o eventually licked the remainder of the pudding off his face in delight. Also, I`m always into trying new things even if it is as simple as trying new candies. I loveeee almonds so the Almond M&M`s were awesome. The Almond Joy pieces were a little weird at first but all in all not too bad.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flower Power

A few weeks ago my mother & I threw a party at her house. We got soooo many beautiful flower bouquets we were (still are actually) in flower heaven. It`s so lovely to be surrounded by so many beautiful living things, calming even. Mmm. I was never interested in flowers growing up but lately I have a great appreciation for them. I don`t know a thing about flowers honestly, but I want to learn a thing or two now. I`m becoming an addict. :) Here are a few of my favorites from the party.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Golden Week

I went to hang out with my friend Erina today, or technically yesterday. It`s Golden Week so traffic was wretched & it was raining heavily so it took me forever to meet her at American Village! Golden Week is pretty much like Spring Break for Japanese people...  most companies in the country give time off of work & many go on vacation with their family... so that means crowds, which are not my favorite. Eri was hungry so we went to this 50`s style place. The waitresses wear cute cheerleader uniforms & there are pictures of Elvis & 50`s style women on the walls. We ordered a chicken philly cheese sandwhich & chili cheese fries. The food was pretty gross to be honest. :p Then we headed across the street to the SEGA arcade.
SEGA was packed with tourists & locals on break so we didn`t stay for very long. I did enjoy the UFO catchers though because they always have the cutest plushies that you don`t see anywhere else! I just love Gloomy Bear & Hello Kitty. Eri is a huge anime otaku. If anybody knows about anime it is her! Afterwards we went to Jusco where Eri searched for the perfect bra...haha as you can tell by her facial expressions she had no such luck. We shared a peach yogurt tapioca drink from Quickly & spent some time window shopping. The ferris wheel, which by the way I have never been on, was looking very pretty in the evening so we took some pictures, even though the quality of the photos suck. For those who are on break, I hope you are enjoying your time off. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Human Stage Cosplay Event

I went to my first Okinawan cosplay event. It was pretty disappointing for me. I was hoping to see some lolitas although I know that`s not really cosplay. But I figured if they were going to be somewhere they would be here! Guess I better keep looking! The live music was horrible & there were a lot of weirdos & old pervy guys. Snobs everywhere...don`t you love the face the last girl is giving me.. lol. But some of the costumes were interesting & it was definitely an experience to see the scene in these parts. The girl in the 5th photo was very sweet though & her costume was awesome. Needless to say Okinawa is very behind.. I need to go to Kyoto or Tokyo for the good stuff. :) My search continues... <3