Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Manju Time!

A week or so ago Mom, Yuna, & I went to a store that specializes in omanjus! Omanju is a common sweet pastry in Japan. The way Americans bring donuts to a friend's house the Japanese bring omanju & mochi. We needed to get something for our friend's antique showing so made a little manju stop. We ended up buying sweets for ourselves. My mom got the green dorayaki, I got the white mochi with chocolate filling, & Yuna got the cheese manju which had cream cheese inside. I love any combination of mochi &  chocolate & this chocolate tasted a lot like Nutella! The cream cheese wasn't bad either. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eyelash Perm

This past week I have been working on some beautification. I got my eyebrows done for the first time & I also got an eyelash perm for the first time. I had no idea what an eyelash perm was until the day before I got one. For those who don't know it is a perm on your eyelashes (duh right) that makes your eyelashes curly so you don't have to use a curler as often. It lasts from about a month to three months. It's actually been really useful & has made my natural face a lot more beareable to look at. I was worried all of this fiddling with my face would result in some facial mishap but I'm actually really happy I did it. All this girlie stuff is pretty fun!! 

Open At The Close

Here are some photos I took in Hogsmeade & inside of Hogwarts castle when I went to Leakycon 2011 in July. I went to a conference/park event called Open at the Close. It wasn't as fun as A Night of a Thousand Wizards back in 2010 but it was alright. There were just too many people & the lines were ridiculous or should I say riddikulus! I waited about an hour for a free butterbeer. But then again the Starkids were in front of us getting bombarded by fans so what can you do. The important thing is I got to be apart of very own golden trio. Above are my mates Lauren & Lindsay, fellow Hogwarts students & life long friends. <3

Friday, August 26, 2011

Alcoholic Indulgence

My mom & I have been super indulgent lately. We hardly eat dinner anymore we've just been tipsy trying new wines & champagnes some cheap & some a little pricier. ;P We are by no means connoisseurs but we do enjoy a good bottle. Sometimes we'll have some appetizers with our wine such as the above which is salami with cucumbers & mayo, celery, salmon & cottage cheese. I think we've killed about 10 bottles in the past week & a half. At first I thought the last bottle's label was a little tacky.. apparently the creator is in her 20's thus the modern label. I was wrong to judge because the merlot was really delicious, sweet but not too sweet! The man who sold it to us invited us to a wine tasting so I'm going to go this weekend. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Louis Icart Art

Today I went to an antique showing & at this showing there was also a gallery full of really beautiful paintings by Louis Icart. I learned today that Louis Icart was a French artist (1880-1950) who was very interested in fashion. He has done art for famous companies such as Vogue. He was also famous for his erotic works of women. There were a few erotic paintings & some of the titles made my friend & I giggle because we are immature that way sometimes, but the art is ... well you could say intriguing. ;) My personal favorite is the painting of the girl with the baby elephants. There is something so sweet & elegant about it that I love. If I could afford it I would have definitely bought it.. I kept going back to look at it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Foreign Sweets

I'm always looking to try new things.. new ANYTHING really. I found these German fruit candy bars at the super market. My favorite so far is the mixed fruit ones. They're so delicious! Also I tend to love a lot of British things.. I don't know why everything from England tends to attract me. These biscuits just might be my new addiction!!! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Orion Beerfest

Taking a break from the Orlando, Florida posts! I'll continue those later!!
Last night I went to the Orion Beerfest. I went with my Mommy & my friend (& roomie) Yuna. We got there really late & was only there for the last hour because it took us forever to get ready. We all wore yukatas which is a summer type kimono. I wore a purple Hello Kitty one which I adore. ^.^ HK is my homegirl. I learned the hardships of women back in the day... it is a trip at first to walk & even more difficult to sit or use the bathroom. I feel especially sorry for women of the Edo period who had trouble with elegance..I myself can be a tomboy. It felt nice to dress up & embrace my Asian culture though. We got there for the last hour & a half of the festival but that was enough considering there isn't all that much to do except drink & do some people.. or boy watching. ;) I ran into a few friends.. had two Orions.. not my favorite kind of beer but hey it's Orion Beerfest right?! The fireworks were really gorgeous as well. (Sorry no firework pix!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HoneyDukes Part 2

To continue my last post on HoneyDukes... here are some more scrumptious treats. There was also a proper unpackaged section of the shop where they sold desserts you'd expect to see at the feasts in the Great Hall at Hogwarts such as the Pumpkin Tarts. Those were by far my favorite! 
(Japanese Translation to come later)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Honeydukes Part 1

Not only am I mental about Harry Potter, I have a serious sweet tooth! Honeydukes is pretty much a dream come true. I never thought growing up that I`d one day get to buy sweets at the same candy shop as the golden trio & Hogwarts students. The shop itself looks deliciously edible with its candy colors. Now if only the chocolate frogs really did hop around like in the books & movies... but at least you can try Bertie Bott`s Every Flavour Beans! Just be careful or you might end up with a boggie flavored one...

こどものころからゆめみてたおかしやさんにじっさいにいけたことがとってもうれしくて、いまだにしんじられないぐらいです。 ずっと、えいがとほんのせかいでしかみたことがなかたので、だいかんげきでした!じぶんもホグワーツのせいとになったきぶんでしたよ。 まあ~いつもそうおもっているんですけどね。ふふふ キャンディ にもほんとうのまほうがついてたら、もっとうれしいんだけどね・・。

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hogsmeade on a Tuesday

A few weeks ago I went to Orlando, Florida for Leakycon 2011, a Harry Potter conference. Here are some pictures pre-con. My friend Lindsay & I headed to our favorite town Hogsmeade. We did some shopping & had ourselves some butterbeer.