Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Foreign Sweets

I'm always looking to try new things.. new ANYTHING really. I found these German fruit candy bars at the super market. My favorite so far is the mixed fruit ones. They're so delicious! Also I tend to love a lot of British things.. I don't know why everything from England tends to attract me. These biscuits just might be my new addiction!!! 


  1. Hiii. :D I had to follow your blog because I love the photos I saw while browsing it. :D

    I've heard really good things about German chocolate; as far as I know, they actually have regulations on chocolate quality. :D

    And I've been wanting to try McVitie's! They sell some at a grocery store nearby, so it's probably about time that I buy them. XD

  2. It would be to the truth great! However to Japan I planning a trip in 2013; (

    Add more pictures of your city! I like it!

  3. i am a new follower! please come by my blog!


  4. Hi Alyssa thank you for following me! Really?! Well I wouldn't doubt it.. their chocolate is a delight... Even the packaging looks delicious heeheehee ^.^ Yes you should def try McVitie's! I'm always trying new biscuits & biscottis & these were really good.. I ate all three packs in like.. a day or two :P

    & Ankyl I see I see well that is awesome regardless!!! Japan is def fun for visiting.. I really want to go to Tokyo again soon.. there are some museums that I want to go to & I still have never been to the Tokyo Tower!!! If you go you should go to Tokyo Disneyland too if you are into that! & I add more pictures for sure! ^.^

    Okay Ken thank you for following me I will check out your blog soon!! <3