Sunday, August 21, 2011

Orion Beerfest

Taking a break from the Orlando, Florida posts! I'll continue those later!!
Last night I went to the Orion Beerfest. I went with my Mommy & my friend (& roomie) Yuna. We got there really late & was only there for the last hour because it took us forever to get ready. We all wore yukatas which is a summer type kimono. I wore a purple Hello Kitty one which I adore. ^.^ HK is my homegirl. I learned the hardships of women back in the day... it is a trip at first to walk & even more difficult to sit or use the bathroom. I feel especially sorry for women of the Edo period who had trouble with elegance..I myself can be a tomboy. It felt nice to dress up & embrace my Asian culture though. We got there for the last hour & a half of the festival but that was enough considering there isn't all that much to do except drink & do some people.. or boy watching. ;) I ran into a few friends.. had two Orions.. not my favorite kind of beer but hey it's Orion Beerfest right?! The fireworks were really gorgeous as well. (Sorry no firework pix!)


  1. thanks! Oh, beautiful Jukata<3
    My biggest dream is visiting Okinawa Islands, and the largest aquarium , and of course to wear jukata ;) hihi

  2. kawaii chelpee kitty!!(*3*)