Monday, August 8, 2011

Honeydukes Part 1

Not only am I mental about Harry Potter, I have a serious sweet tooth! Honeydukes is pretty much a dream come true. I never thought growing up that I`d one day get to buy sweets at the same candy shop as the golden trio & Hogwarts students. The shop itself looks deliciously edible with its candy colors. Now if only the chocolate frogs really did hop around like in the books & movies... but at least you can try Bertie Bott`s Every Flavour Beans! Just be careful or you might end up with a boggie flavored one...

こどものころからゆめみてたおかしやさんにじっさいにいけたことがとってもうれしくて、いまだにしんじられないぐらいです。 ずっと、えいがとほんのせかいでしかみたことがなかたので、だいかんげきでした!じぶんもホグワーツのせいとになったきぶんでしたよ。 まあ~いつもそうおもっているんですけどね。ふふふ キャンディ にもほんとうのまほうがついてたら、もっとうれしいんだけどね・・。


  1. Yay!! <3 I wish I'd bought a Chocolate mouth is watering. lol ;) And oh my Godric! Chocolate Frogs that actually hop - that would be amazing! Of course, they only have one good jump in them to begin with... I'm sure mine would leap onto my head and scare the crap out of me. haha! ;)

    --- This is Lindsay, your Soul Sister btw. :) :)

  2. awww i wanna go Florida!!!!