Friday, August 26, 2011

Alcoholic Indulgence

My mom & I have been super indulgent lately. We hardly eat dinner anymore we've just been tipsy trying new wines & champagnes some cheap & some a little pricier. ;P We are by no means connoisseurs but we do enjoy a good bottle. Sometimes we'll have some appetizers with our wine such as the above which is salami with cucumbers & mayo, celery, salmon & cottage cheese. I think we've killed about 10 bottles in the past week & a half. At first I thought the last bottle's label was a little tacky.. apparently the creator is in her 20's thus the modern label. I was wrong to judge because the merlot was really delicious, sweet but not too sweet! The man who sold it to us invited us to a wine tasting so I'm going to go this weekend. :)


  1. That's awesome! :D I've been trying to learn more about wine parings. :D

    I don't know a whole lot about wines, but I know that I love rieslings, and that I dislike cabernet sauvignon, especially because it's warm.

    What wines do you generally prefer?

  2. I personally am not a huge white wine fan but I think that could be my lack of knowledg & drinking experience.. I haven't had too many different whites so I think I will have to keep trying & find the perfect one. I haven't had cabernet in a long time so I forget what it tastes like hmm I'll have to try that again soon. I'm personally a big fan of pinot noir & merlot. I love red wines. I also drink a lot of bubbly. Cheap or expensive if it isn't crazy flavored like some of the pink strawberry champagnes then I love it :p I think for me I look for a good mix of sweet & spicy. I don't like my wines to be too sweet!!

  3. I think we're on opposite sides of the wine spectrum, heehee~. I like sweeter wines because I'm not used to heady flavors yet. :3

    I haven't really tried a spicy wine yet, though, so I think that should be next on my list. :D I like the concept you mentioned of a sweet & spicy wine. :D