Sunday, August 28, 2011

Open At The Close

Here are some photos I took in Hogsmeade & inside of Hogwarts castle when I went to Leakycon 2011 in July. I went to a conference/park event called Open at the Close. It wasn't as fun as A Night of a Thousand Wizards back in 2010 but it was alright. There were just too many people & the lines were ridiculous or should I say riddikulus! I waited about an hour for a free butterbeer. But then again the Starkids were in front of us getting bombarded by fans so what can you do. The important thing is I got to be apart of very own golden trio. Above are my mates Lauren & Lindsay, fellow Hogwarts students & life long friends. <3


  1. How beautiful!! :O That bites that it was so packed and that you had to wait so long for just a butterbeer. :| But it still looks like it was a lot of fun~. :D

  2. woww awsome!!! I would like to be ther someday n.n

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)