Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Manju Time!

A week or so ago Mom, Yuna, & I went to a store that specializes in omanjus! Omanju is a common sweet pastry in Japan. The way Americans bring donuts to a friend's house the Japanese bring omanju & mochi. We needed to get something for our friend's antique showing so made a little manju stop. We ended up buying sweets for ourselves. My mom got the green dorayaki, I got the white mochi with chocolate filling, & Yuna got the cheese manju which had cream cheese inside. I love any combination of mochi &  chocolate & this chocolate tasted a lot like Nutella! The cream cheese wasn't bad either. 


  1. That looks so tasty. @_@ I didn't know mochi could go with chocolate; I'd love to try it sometime. I thought it only went with azuki miso, so that's awesome~. :D

    I've never heard of omanju before, and it looks really good. :9

  2. Yes!!! Mochi & chocolate is great together & so is peanut butter!!! I personally am not a huge azuki fan so I always get the more modern mochis! Omanju is pretty common it's kind of like mochi in the way that there is a filling on the inside!

  3. Oh, that's perfect! :D I'm not too much of an azuki fan, either. XD