Monday, May 2, 2011

Human Stage Cosplay Event

I went to my first Okinawan cosplay event. It was pretty disappointing for me. I was hoping to see some lolitas although I know that`s not really cosplay. But I figured if they were going to be somewhere they would be here! Guess I better keep looking! The live music was horrible & there were a lot of weirdos & old pervy guys. Snobs everywhere...don`t you love the face the last girl is giving me.. lol. But some of the costumes were interesting & it was definitely an experience to see the scene in these parts. The girl in the 5th photo was very sweet though & her costume was awesome. Needless to say Okinawa is very behind.. I need to go to Kyoto or Tokyo for the good stuff. :) My search continues... <3


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!
    choooooo otaku lol
    i want to go next time :)

  2. The cosplay photos 7 and 9 are precious! the pervy old guys is horrible

    Good luck in your search and thanks for the comment

  3. The Japanese are bold in their fashion for everyday but they go all out for cosplay! haha If I ever get to go to Japan (had to cancel in March because of the quake :*( I'd only be taking pics of the Gosulolis I am quite intrigued by them as well :P

  4. Yes the old guys were gross haha. & thank you!

    Aww that sucks that your trip got cancelled. Hopefully Japan will stop having earthquakes, it`s horrible :( & I hope you get to go on your trip in the near future. & yes the gothic lolitas are pretty awesome!