Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chillin` like a Villain.

I`ve been tired & stressed for no good reason. I think I`m just in a rut & need some time to myself with the exception of my chihauhaus Steve-o & Shawn-chi. Today or technically yesterday I bought some of my favorite things to try & take the edge off of my life. I got Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt.1 on PS3 seeing as I`m a Harry Potter fanatic. I`ve been itching to buy it & lucky me it was on sale! Haven`t started it yet but I will once I`ve finished some of these other games I`m playing (Zelda the Windwaker, HP6, etcetc).
I`m pretty behind as you can tell.

I got a new febreze candle... these things smell like heaven! Seriously at first I only started using these to freshen up my apartment but these candles are delicious. Mmm! I`m a candle addict.
I was happy to see Hayley from Paramore on the cover of my favorite guilty pleasure magazine Cosmopolitan. Her voice gets me pumped for the summer!

 Also to relax I`ve been catching up on my shows... note: I watch, play, & read everything about a hundred years late.. & right now I am watching the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as seen above, Entourage season 6, & Ugly Betty season 3, & Weeds season 5. Been having a busy month & more to come in May so it`s nice to just chill in my Kingdom Hearts shirt & boxers. :P Hope everyone is chillin` too! <3


  1. haha I love those harry potter plushies :DD I'm not a fan of harry potter but they're really cute!

    thank u :p
    you're right ... so hot :o It's nice you know this movie ;) I don't know many people who know it ...

  2. oh I want the dvd, too! :)
    thanks ;)
    My mom has a big vanilla candle ... nit from febreeze but it smells soo good :o
    maybe I go get some for my room:)

  3. hehehe hey harry potteeeeeer :D
    Good photos! and Cute dogs XD

  4. Your doggies are adorrablle! (: So cute. Those plushies are cool, I've never seen any before and I live in England, haha! I hope you feel better soon after some time to yourself.

  5. Thanx all.. yeah they`re my spoiled babies ;p

    Jass I love vanilla mmm!!!

    Thanx Gigi! Yeah I bet England has a ton of awesome HP stuff. I wish I could visit! I`m a bit obsessed. I wish I could live there... maybe one day =) Yeah these are special plushs from the Japan HP store. :D & thank you I`m feeling a bit better! Hope you are well.