Sunday, April 10, 2011

Doll Art

My mother`s friend is a carpenter & has a talent for making all sorts of things. For fun she also make dollhouses & so she took us to a cafe where some of her & her friend`s work are being displayed. They were so lovely that I had to take photos.


  1. hey cherlsa what do you think if I follow you; do you follow me ? :) where are you from ? :O hehehe

  2. yes, i'm from spain :) I love english and german! hahaha and I like japan, it's a country with intresting culture :)
    but... you seem of europe or american hahaah x)
    Sorry if I'm very heavy! did you born in okinawa ?
    Greets ^^

  3. mmm.. intresting hahaha :) I live in Las Palmas!
    I'm 14 years old hehe !

  4. Whoa, what an interesting and pretty hobby! ^^