Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seoul Train

This past weekend my mother & I went to Seoul, Korea for her birthday. From the airport, which by the way has an ice skating rink in it, we took the train to our hotel. We got lost along the way but thanks to a few kind strangers we made it to our hotel... three hours later...longer then our plane ride from Okinawa. Needless to say it was an adventure! 
Once we arrived at our hotel, Lotte Hotel World, we went to the Club Lounge to relax after our long day of traveling. We drank red wine and tried the different variety of snacks they had to offer. After too many glasses of wine we ventured around different shops near the train station & called it a night. 


  1. Thank you for coming to Korea with me! I had a great birthday! Stop posting pictures of my fat face. >:(

  2. ohhh, I want to go there! Nice trip!
    Hugs for you and your Mom!

  3. aww what an awesome trip~!
    happy bday for your mom! ^o^

  4. LOL Mommy NEVER!

    Ankyls: Thanx for the hugs love <3
    Donut: Yes I enjoyed it even though it was short! Thank you! I will let her know <3