Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lou Malnati's

Before I went to Chicago everyone kept telling me I had to try this thanggg called Chicago style deep dish pizza. After having heard about it from about 3 jillion people I decided to see what it's all about! I had my first deep dish pizza at a restaurant called Lou Malnati's. My friend & I sat at a nice little table outside where we could watch the local downtown Chicago-ans passing by & on top of that it was such a lovely day out. Our waiter was a gorgeous all American blonde (wish I had taken her picture!) & very sweet, she cut the pizza before I could get all photowhorey tourist all over it. :-P The pizza was great, not what I had expected. There were layers of cheese & sausage on the inside & a very sweet tomato sauce spread on the top. Delicious! It aspired me to try as many deep dish pizzas as possible in the city! Afterwards we walked around down town where there was a row of luxury brand shops. It was funny because I pulled out some oil wipes & offered one to my friend who started cracking up because she claimed everything in my purse was either Hello Kitty or very quote "asian & cute." I had never really thought about this, but realized it's kind of true. But hey if you could buy plain oil wipes or Hello Kitty oil wipes for the same price which would you choose? Kawaii is a lifestyle. :-)


  1. Great photos! And i agree with you: Kawaii is a lifestyle ^^


  2. oooh cool pics! :) I envy :(

    I want to postcard from USA ^^

  3. I like Hello Kitty :) I'm following you now :)

  4. alma: right?!

    ankyl: i'm really sorry i couldn't send one from there but i have a postcard for you & you'll be getting mail from me soon! <3

    blackberryfashion: thank you very much :) & yes hello kitty is my home girl.