Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sears Tower

Back to the Chicago posts! Here are pictures from the Sears Tower Skydeck or now known as the Willis Tower. It was seriously badass. The skydeck is 103 stories high & you could see all of Chicago from the top! Stepping onto the skydeck was crazy cool. It was so hilarious & so scary though because this Asian tourist dropped her digital camera on the skydeck right when I was on it and everyone went silent ... you could hear people going.. "OHHHHH no she didn't!!" Hahaha. Fortunately the skydeck is not that sensitive, the glass did not break, & I did not fall through the sky hahaha. :-P 
P.S. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture from the outside of the tower!


  1. Omg I would die there xD Madness haha 8D

  2. :-P It was pretty crazy not gonna lie.

  3. HAAA KOWAIIII ! I don't like high places!!! Weren't you scared?!
    <3 Mommy

  4. Not really! Only when that lady dropped her camera! But it was pretty intense.

  5. cool place:O!

    But I still have hope that you visit Poland:)