Monday, September 5, 2011

Kadena Marina

Finally for the first time this summer I hit the beach with my friend Yuna! It was the perfect day. The sun was shining brighter then I could hope for & the water just the right temperature. The night before we bought some cute floaties.. Yuna got a Hawaiian inspired tube & I got an awesome killer whale which I named Mr. KUJIRA (say this with a super American accent because that has been our little joke haha). Kujira means whale in Japanese. :p I love the beach so much... I really want to start paddle surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, & maybe even try some jet ski sort of thing! >o< Ideas..Ideas..


  1. wow its looks beautiful there - i'm so jealous ;)

  2. It looks beautiful there! :D I love the puffy clouds in the sky~. Do Japanese beaches differ a lot in how they look? I grew up in New England, where the beaches can get very rocky, but where I live now, in Florida, there's lots and lots of sand.

    I can't wait to see Mr. KUJIRA. XD

    I reeeeeally want to learn snorkeling and scuba diving, too~.

  3. I would say Japanese beaches feel less natural then the ones I'm used too since I grew up in Hawaii. Or at least the ones in Okinawa do. There are a lot of rules & lot's of bewys (sp?) which is good for safety because we have a lot of dangerous jellyfish here. But it feels less natural because you can't go whenever you want.. there are beaches where you can't go in the water after a certain time or they close. I like American beaches because you get that boardwalk feel in the states or in Hawaii there aren't a whole lot of rules like that so you can go anytime of the day or night. Depending on where you swim here it can get rocky but I go to the sandy ones! New England huh that is pretty cool! I hope I can go to the beaches there one day!! & Florida as well. I went to Florida earlier this year but I was the HP convention so couldn't go to any beaches >.<

  4. Look at that DEBUchan...hehe

  5. Ah, that means the Okinawan beaches remind me of how some of the lakes in New England are~. Very controlled circumstances for safety's sake.

    Mr. KUJIRA is the cutest thing ever. @_@ <3