Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome To Taiwan!

About two weekends ago I went to Taiwan with my mother for a mother daughter vacation. Taiwan is only an hour away from Okinawa so the plane ride was super short & the awesome part was that we got business class. Also I thought it was funny that on the display of things you can't take on board they had miso paste as one of the items.. like are people smuggling their crack in their miso? I'll admit though.. China Airlines is one of the worst airlines I have ever been on & on top of that they served Mos Burger.. which didn't look anything like a Mos Burger meal haha! But at least it was a short & comfortable trip. We also exchanged our yen for gen. By the way I still don't understand the prices in Taiwan.. all I know is that Hong Kong dollars go a much longer way then in Okinawa!!! 


  1. That's awesome! :D

    I wish Mos Burger had locations in the US; I've never had an opportunity to try anything from them. :(

    And I very much approve of your choice of in-flight reading material! XD

    People are allowed to take other kinds of foods, but not miso? XD Maybe it has something to do with strictness regarding exports? O_o I can't think of any other logical reason. XD

  2. It looks so fun!
    You're just like your mom!!! (^.^)

  3. Mos Burger is pretty good but it's expensive & the portions are super tiny!!! & thanx I'm a super nerd. ;) I know right I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that Miso. People were looking at me like why are you taking pix of that :P

    & really Barb not a lot of people say that so that's nice of you :D