Saturday, October 29, 2011


In Taiwan we went to a lot of temples. A LOT. I can't even remember the names because we went to so many. :) The people in Taiwan are all about their gods. They burn these long incense sticks & make their  prayers. They also leave gifts & offerings like food, flowers, & many other things. The temples were super colorful & gorgeous, the air filled with the smell of incense. Outside of the temple a lady was making bracelets so my mother & I bought so matching red ones. <3


  1. awesome building!

    Could you write the e-mail in the free time to me?I would be grateful :)
    Greetings !

  2. The temple is so beautiful! :O I love the trees, too. :D And I would so buy one of those bracelets; I love the way they look. :D