Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Usually Halloween is a pretty big deal to me as I grew up with an awesome childhood full of costumes & hauling ass to get myself some candy. Lemme tell you, I went on foot, neighborhood to neighborhood in an elaborate costume with the help of my loving parents. But I dunnooo.. maybe it is being in Okinawa & not being around all the serious shenanigans that come with the holiday that I'm just not that excited about it. The past few years I always went out to drink on Halloween so I always had fun but this year with work & everything I just didn't have the energy to do it so I stayed home to contribute to the trick or treaters. I also made a jack-o-lantern carrot cake. Unfortunately the icing got all liquidy towards the end but it's still good. We usually do a pretty good job of decorating but as you can see this year we didn't do much at all. I am quite disappointed in Okinawa.. Okinawan kids show up your door expecting candy without wearing any costumes or even knowing that you have to actually KNOCK on a person's door & say TRICK OR TREAT to get some candy. Super super bummed...these little things make me miss the states! So for the 3 girls who wore costumes thank you! But to the rest.. you guys are breaking my heart. :( 


  1. Your decorations are very cute!
    Aww I can't believe they don't wear costumes!! I thought that they would go all out! I hope that over the years, more kids will wear costumes!

  2. Thank you :) Yeah I was sooo bummed. I'm sure in Tokyo & such it's much better.. I guess islanders are behind =/