Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Themed Treats!!

Taking a break from Taiwan.. it is the time of year... Halloween is here.. my second favorite holiday, Christmas being the first of course. ;P In Japan they have a ton of seasonal candies & I love trying all of them!!! Kit Kat has a new pumpkin cheesecake flavor & it was delicious.. I'm obsessed with pumpkin & cheesecake so it was the perfect Kit Kat for me.  Koala no March doesn't have a new flavor but all the koalas are wearing Halloween costumes & I just thought that was the cutest thing. I'm a sucker for these kind of things. :)


  1. Hey, I must say that Japan culture is just awesome. And I am pleased with reading in English, cause I'm Polsh and I should still learn it, I'm lazy, but with your blog is lovely! :) And don't get me wrong, I honestly don't like your styl,e but it's no matter when your travel-posts are soo interesting (e.g Hogwart's castle-post omg WOW :D). Kisses! Pozdrawiam ;)
    buerliniii (I can't log in:/)

  2. Hey :) to each his own! Although in my defense I havent posted too much about my style yet. I appreciate the feedback though. I love to travel & there'll def be more of that!! I know right the Hogwarts Castle was gorgeous!! Thank for checking out my blog!!

  3. OMIGOODNESS, THE KOALAS. So adorable. @_@ <3 I love a well-make pumpkin cheesecake, so pumpkin cheesecake Kit-Kats sound awesome!! What are the Koala no March filled with? Chocolate? :D

    Oh, I have to tell you something that's so crappy! ;_; Hardly anyone over here decorated their houses or went Trick-or-Treating this year! :( I don't get people in this area where I live (in Florida). *mope* When I lived in New England, the people up there are much more gung-ho about Halloween, and it always made me really happy.

  4. Yes they are filled with chocolate :D They're quite yummy!!!

    Ugh I'm sad to hear that. I feel like people are becoming less festive.. & I just love the holidays & dressing up & being a goofy cheery kid..

    decorations & things always get me so excited. I'm surprised to hear that because when I lived in the states no matter where I went I felt like lot's of people went all out.. it wasn't until after I moved to the islands where I felt like the holidays were lacking in everything.