Saturday, March 3, 2012

Seawall Birthday Party

February 25th, 2012 I got my girls together & went out to celebrate my 21st birthday at the seawall. We went to a sushi  restaurant called Sushi Zen. The food was good but they had this UNBELIEVABLE policy that if you bring a Japanese person in you have to pay 3000 yen which is about $30 cover charge. Basically the owner who by the way is Japanese (um what?), is a racist & made this place an all American place. I ended up fighting with them a bit & told them that they should have at least told us this before we had ordered our food so therefore we would either cancel all those orders we made & leave or they'd just have to deal with it. The girl lied to her boss & we stayed but I felt bad for our Japanese friends & I myself being half Japanese was highly offended. We still had fun but I won't EVER be going there again. The food may have been good but it's not like there aren't other sushi restaurants. I mean this is Japan. On top of that their service was horrible & the rolls kept coming in dirtier then that last. After that we hit two bars. Infiniti & Eclipse. They had a singer at Infiniti which was interesting. Also at my favorite bar Eclipse the owner Aki (who I adore btw!) made me a birthday drink with a firework in it & had a dolphin made from banana in it. Too cool. All in all it was a very fun night!! <3 


  1. Damn, no Japanese people in a sushi restaurant? That's lame! Sorry you guys had to deal with that on your birthday =/

    I stopped by Eclipse on my birthday in January, and he made me a drink with a firework in it too!

  2. Ikr it was a stupid but oh well. Shizz happens I suppose. That's awesome. I love Eclipse ^.^