Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Postcard to Poland & a Letter to England!

Sorry to Ankyls because this is a bit of a spoiler since the Okinawa postcard is for you! The other day I got mail from my pen pal in Poland. I was so pleased to get all of these beautifully photographed pictures of Anna's neighborhood & a very cool Polish penny! I will show everybody the mail she send me in a later post. She's a cute girl with an amazing blog so go check it out & follow her! ANKYLS
After posting my excitement on instagram, I got a comment from a girl in England who wants to be pen pals as well. Being a hopeless romantic & believing that life should be like in a movie I cling to older forms of communication. Growing up I had always wanted dozens of pen pals but was not responsible enough to keep in touch with them. I do enjoy the benefits of technology but there is something so special & thrilling about waiting for a mail man to bring a letter from a complete & total stranger. 


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  2. this is soooo cool!!
    letters are waaaay more exciting than emails!

  3. Aw, I want pen pals too! I really do agree that letters are old fashioned but sweet and romantic :3

  4. yes pen pals are so much fun ^.^ we can be pen pals!