Sunday, November 25, 2012

Team Werewolf

Haven't done a fashion post in a while so here it goes. 

I was supposed to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 today with my mother & some of my friends. However the lines were too long, it was hard to find seats in the theater & it was just not worth it so we got a refund & skipped the movie idea all together. I honestly hate movie theaters in general... well I hate the crowds that involve theaters so I only like to go when I know that no one will be there. Twilight isn't my fave series anyway, I can wait until it comes out on Blu-ray. ANYWHO...

 I was inconspicuously trying to go for a Team Jacob (well more like Team Jacob's Abs) look. 

Top: Loose, casual, comfy top handed down from my mom
Bottom: Worn out black jeans
Shoes: Brown Roxy moccasin style boots
Handbag: Brown Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Jewelry: Vintage ring handed down from mom 
& Native American style earrings from little side of the road shop in Utah