Thursday, November 22, 2012

Navy Pier

Here's a nice long picture post to make up for my lack of posting. I know it's taking me forever to post all of my adventures in Chicago from August but I am almost done! So as posted earlier after Skydecking it with Nicole we pretty walked to The Bean and then after that we walked all the way to Navy Pier in the rain. Needless to say we trekked the city of Chicago like champions. The Pier was a nice little touristy spot with lot's of cruise ships (hence Pier!), a theater, shopping area, & fun little chain restaurants. After we got there it started raining and thundering heavily so we didn't stay very long but the pictures pretty much sum up our time there. We walked around for a bit & then headed back to Nicole's parent's home on the Metra. I'm really thankful to Nicole for taking me to the main tourist spots  in Chicago in one day, since before I was staying with her the person I was staying with for five whole days did not show me anything at all. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have seen anything. She's a real friend.


  1. Let's go to Korea next month for my birthday!
    We need to get off this island once in a while or we're going to get island fever! Don't want to burst like a balloon.

  2. Yes! I'm so excited for Korea Mama! <3