Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello Kitty Sweets!

In Taiwan I went to the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe. Being a serious Hello Kitty junkie I had heard of it & seen it all over the internet & was dying to go! On my last day in Taiwan my mother & I went to eat lunch there. I was so excited..but when I got there I was pretty disappointed. Although in the pictures it looks pretty cute, it was pretty ghetto. The seats were beat up, the waitresses uniforms were ripped & dirty, our waitress was wearing a cough mask, the girls making the cakes that you could see through the window were wearing gloves but playing with their hair & face (err yuckkk!), the picture frames above my seat were empty, & most of the food with the exception of my mom's clam spaghetti (delicious) was horrible. I didn't get the princess feeling I get that comes with Hello Kitty at all, but it was definitely an experience! However I did go upstairs to look around & it seemed a little nicer up there. I don't regret it I just won't be going there again.. I guess I will continue my search for the perfect HK cafe. ^.^ Also although I would never eat their cakes after seeing those girls touching their hair & such with their decorating gloves, they were really fancy & cute, so I will post pictures of them next time. :)


  1. Ohh wow it really looks cute! Yeahh it's really difficult to see that it's ghetto. I hope you find a better one someday!

  2. Yeah everything in person was pretty gross but I tried to take nice pictures :) I guess all that pink helped. :) Yeah I'm going to check out the HK places in Hawaii when I go back & I'm sure there are other places..

  3. awww this is too cute~! sooo... this hello kitty sweets cafe can be found in taiwan! thanks for this post ^^

  4. OMFG!!!!!!!! D':
    It is a beautiful place, everything is pink! :3♥