Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Toy Soldiers

On our Taiwan tour we ended up at some museum. Honestly I love museums but this one was super boring & you couldn't take pictures or anything so my mom & I got done early & ended up getting tapioca drinks & sandwiches instead. I know, how cultural of us. But let me tell you that was the BEST tapioca drink (cafe latte btw) I have ever had in my life, which is saying something because I make the effort to drink as many tapioca drinks as I possibly can. ;) Afterwards we went to a military place where you could watch soldiers marching & standing guard. Those guys are like toy soldiers.. they don't even blink.. it is shocking! Also I feel sorry for them because it was POURING rain.


  1. Thank you \(^-^)/ I like your blog, you´re a good photographer!! Have a wonderful day / Jennie

  2. Awesome! I like this architecture. First photo is very cute :)

    I send e-mail to you :)