Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tea Seminar

If anybody knows me then they know that I drink tea every day or I go crazy!!! Like some people need their morning coffee, I need my daily tea! In Taiwan I went to a tea seminar where a tea expert taught everyone about different kinds of tea. In Taiwan they have teas to help you cleanse your body of toxins, help you lose weight, help you stay beautiful, etcetcetc. I bought the one that helps you lose weight &  I also bought these lotus candied seeds, which were so yummy & great with tea. :) Also the last pic is just me being a goof. 


  1. I also went to a tea seminar when I went to Taiwan! They even taught you the proper way to sip tea, almost like a wine tasting. It was really fun!

  2. That is awesome Ken!!! I know right I learned a lot about tea that I didn't know while I was there! It's funny because I write this I am drinking the tea that I got over there. :P Mmm so good! :D

  3. I love tea! :D Attending a tea seminar would be really awesome~.

    I've seen some specialty teas like the ones you've described at Asian markets in this area, and I've been curious about trying some of them~.

    What's your favorite tea?

  4. It's hard to say what is my favorite.. I love non sweet teas the most.. like oolong tea, Jasmine, sampin, mugi... all stuff that helps you cleanse out toxins in the body!!! I still haven't decided what is my favorite sweet tea.. probably apple tea but it's not really the kind of tea you'd find in a speciality place haha more like a super market. So idk what sweet tea is my favorite.. I'm still trying em all out ;)
    What do you like best?