Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Party Night in Chicago

On my first weekend in Chicago I went to a Victoria's Secret party for members. I'm not a member (If I didn't live in Japan I would be!), but I went with someone who was. We got there about 30 minutes before the party was ending so it wasn't particularly interesting or different other then the music was louder & there was a cool DJ playing awesome mixes. I bought way too many pairs of yoga pants to wear to work. Then I met up with my friend Nikki & her sister Yvonne & they showed me where the real party was at. It was a Sunday at a bar called Blue Light & it was poppin' all night long! I only paid $20 for a wristband to drink for I don't even remember how long it felt like forever haha. Great night, plus I ended up switching from a sketchy situation to staying with Nikki for the rest of my trip so I was very blessed.