Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LOLLAPALOOZA - Before the Storm!

While in Chicago I went to the famous music festival Lollapalooza in Grant Park! I was mostly by myself the entire time which was a tad lonely when everyone was partying their ass off, but oh well. I still enjoyed the live music & people watching. I got to see the famous Buckingham Fountain, talk to the dude at the Rock The Vote tent, drink some boxed water (because Lolla is eco-friendly like that), eat my first Chicago style hot dog, chill out & see live music (Chief Keef known for I Don't Like pictured above), & see a bunch of artists at work. After all of these shenanigans a crazy storm hit around 4P.M. & the whole park was evacuated!!! 


  1. Im quite curious what is that green jelly on your hotdog :D

  2. That sucks that the place got evacuated. X_X;; Other than that, it sounds like it was pretty fun, even though you were buy yourself.

    And dang, I want some boxed water (I never knew it existed!) and a Chi-town hot dog (I've never had one!) :O

  3. eMxSweet : I think it was relish but it was sweeter then I was used too!

    Alyssa : I know it did suck... but it reopened again later... which is my next post heehee :-P
    & yeah it pretty much sucked that I was by myself. The boxed water was not bad at all! The hot dog.. well to me it was just a hot dog like any other! Still good though!