Wednesday, September 5, 2012

LOLLAPALOOZA - Saturday Storm

Around 3-4 P.M. they put a pause to Lollapalooza due to a heavy storm. I was super worried that they would not re-open because I had not yet seen any artists I went for. I mainly only went to see one person in particular.. The Weeknd! Thankfully around 6 P.M. (which was when The Weeknd was supposed to play) the festival re-opened & they scheduled all the bands to play an hour later then the original time! Cheee!
As soon as I got inside I rushed to the stage The Weeknd was performing at. It was extremely muddy but at that point I had endured a lot of rain, a little mud wasn't going to matter to me. I met some cool girls from California while waiting for him to start. They were really nice & helped the wait time pass quicker.  :-) The Weeknd was better live then on record which is saying something considering he sounds amazing on record too. Abel Tesfaye you are so talented & I ♥ you. :3 One of my top favorite artists, ya'll should definitely check him out!


  1. Fab photos lovely, hope you had a great time!

  2. Thank you darling & yes I did because the music was lovely! <3

  3. Wow the storm was huge~

    I see 3 gorgeous babes!! Really beautiful =D
    Glad that you enjoyed the performance ^^

  4. aw thanx ;-)
    & yes the storm was insane!

  5. Hey sweety!
    I Love your blog! Following you via GFC, follow me back?


  6. Thanx Devina! I will def check it out ;-)