Friday, March 22, 2013

Couch Potato

Lately I've been trying to get myself back on the healthy track. I'm not going to kill myself to get the body I want, so slowly but surely. I'm horrible at diets. I am trying to eat better, more home made cooking & most importantly increase my work outs. Today is a lazy Friday, being a couch potato all day long. However & I have indulged in kiwi strawberry vitamin water, home made potato salad & buttery cheese toast with turkey ham. Hopefully I will make up for my lack of work out today when I go to my part time job tonight. 
Easy potato salad recipe: boil potatoes, smash em up, chopped onions, pepper, & mayo. :-)
Also all week I have been trying to catch up on the Vampire Diaries. I am what feels like centuries behind. I'm only on season two but I have been going through the season quickly. Not going to lie I'm a little addicted & there are so many good looking guys on this show! Inspired by all of the blood on the show I reshaped my nails into claws & painted them red. The shaping isn't too great because they were all different sizes & lengths but at least they're fresh again. Also my pups have been lazing about with me all day. They've been on a diet too because their vet said they were on the chunky side for chihuahuas. They're no longer allowed to eat jerky sticks but from time to time I'll give them a fruity, oatmeal dog treat & they seem to like it a lot. :-)


  1. Aww they dogs are just too cute!

  2. thanx ladies! they're my babies. <3