Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Marriage Equality for All!

Today March 26th (in the states!) gay & straight allies are taking a stand for their marriage rights in front of the Supreme Court. I'm not highly political however in my sophomore year of high school I was the Vice President of the Gay Straight Alliance. I was not very school spirit but this was & always will be a topic I feel extremely strong about. I grew up having a lot of gay friends & know that loving the same sex does not define a person's moral value. I have seen the struggles that my friends have been through & it shocks me that in this day & age we still must fight for this right & still have this ignorant hatred. When it comes down to it marriage is about love & and all Americans or in my belief anyone in the world (I know it's a long shot) should have the right to be in love with whoever they want. We are all free in this country & yet there is still inequality.


  1. Hello !
    That's good that you have your own opinion on this topic. I know few gay too and they are just like us. That's not good, that they don't have the same right like we have.

    Btw. you have really nice blog, so colourfull :3 I'm following you from today. :)

    Greetings from Poland !

  2. Yeah it's sad but one day they will get equality. I am very positive about it ^.^ I just hope I will be alive for it when it happens!

    & thank you!!! I will check out your blog as well later. Thanx following <3