Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hinoe Izakaya

A few nights ago I DDed since my Mom (not pictured) wanted to go to a party at an izakaya called Hinoe. I had never been there but had passed it many times so it was cool to try a new place. Since I wasn't drinking, all I really had to do was eat & watch all of the drunk people talk/fight with one another haha! Okinawans tend to order 5 thousand things at once so there was a tonnnnnn of food. Here are some pictures of my favorites dishes that we consumed: butterfish, mixed kebabs, pizza, & cheesecake. Considering I was sober with a bunch of super drunkies it was a fun night & I also made a new Japanese friend Ayaka. She is so cute & sweet & the same age as me. :-) It was actually a party for her & I'm really glad I met her!

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