Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This past weekend I went to Okuma Beach Fest 2013. Okuma Festival is a music festival up in the country side of Okinawa. There were a few artists I enjoyed seeing like Okinawa's D-51 & Hawaii's Konishiki. Mostly I was there for the camping & drinking with my good friends. It was nice to get together by the campfire & get silly. My friend Heather & I went up Thursday night to have some girl time. We got drunk in the cabin playing UNO & went for a midnight swim in the cold ocean water! The next day we did some paddle boarding, which was harder then I thought it would be! Def ate it a bunch of times. We floated so far from shore that we ended up getting rescued by a really nice jetski dude. My first jetski ride ever! All in all a good weekend! Can't wait to go back to Okuma in a few weeks when my girl Yvonne is visiting from the states! :-)


  1. awesomeness! looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. Hells yah! Hope you come to Okuma in a few weeks for Nikki's sister's trip!